We Left As Skeletons

by We Left As Skeletons

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This EP was recorded in a cave in the middle of the desert. During that time a lot of small animals were consumed.


released September 29, 2011

Artwork by Leemun Smith at www.kraffhics.com
Music and Lyrics by We Left As Skeletons
Recorded and Produced by Tariq Al-Hassan
Mixed by Benjamin Craig at TheBenCraig Studios
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFICD Seattle



all rights reserved


We Left As Skeletons Dubai, UAE

When we return our bodies will be burned.

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Track Name: Corsair
This flag has sailed and now we return to that lonesome shore
After the consumption
After the fall

We stare at walls
We stare at faith
We question your resolve
Its a healthy demise to your ignoble crown
Another earth crumbled
Another ocean drowned
Are you left intact?

Below these waves are you still left intact?

This flag has sailed and now we return to that lonesome shore
This is where we belong and you're not alone, Dear
Track Name: Hey I Met You In A Club and Now I'm Taking You Down
I pull out the stops, for this interrupting engagement is an endless ringing and there's a humming in the air
And your taking the piss in the crimson smoke and the alcohol is blatantly deciding every statement and conversation is constant and fading from my attention

Your charm is fresh as meeting your first acquaintance
All I hear is repetition
All that roars is a constant cry for acceptance

You won't stand down because you've already drowned
I am a humble man but when the bucket tips something is going to spill in the end

Barricade (Barricade) won't separate
Something is strange
Something is weird

You've got the moves to put down a dancehall veteran
And the wit to shoot down anyone in range
But I can't help wondering Fred Astaire
If these people recognize your antiquation as somewhat strange
Track Name: Burn
I'm in a coma and you're all fucked
I'm in the back room, tout est noir

You shout at me from the otherside:
"Cross this river before I die!"

They are closing in my Dearest companion
This path I tread has nothing to forgive

There was something I forgot to mention
When we return our bodies will be burned
Track Name: El Dia De Los Muertos
I am a scar impervious
I am the wound omnipotent
I am the eternal dead
I am hidden yet I am found instantly

I am the stranger in the back row of your flashing screen
I am the glamour of the self-indulgent consuming
Obese and stammering for resolution
The one who answers but questioning your every move

In creeps locusts from the sides
They are on my insides
This is where they come inside
On my insides

This place is a fabrication

We all just watched and stared
They were razing the city from the ground
This place is a fabrication